What is the IELTS exam?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) stands as a universally acknowledged standardized examination crafted to gauge individuals' proficiency in the English language, particularly for those aspiring to study, work, or relocate to English-speaking nations. This assessment scrutinizes four fundamental language competencies: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. IELTS offers two primary formats: Academic, tailored for individuals pursuing higher education endeavours, and General Training, which emphasizes practical language proficiencies crucial for work and migration objectives.

Why is IELTS required?

IELTS scores are used by universities, employers, immigration authorities, and other institutions to determine an individual's ability to effectively communicate in English. IELTS plays an important role in facilitating international mobility and communication across diverse contexts.

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Which IELTS test is right for you?

"There are two primary types of IELTS tests available: IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training

"There are two primary types of IELTS tests available: IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training

IELTS Academic evaluates your English language proficiency and determines its suitability for an academic setting. This test assesses your grasp of academic language and determines if you are adequately prepared to commence training or studying in English.

IELTS General Training measures your English language skills in practical, everyday scenarios. This test includes both workplace and social situations, providing a comprehensive evaluation of your language abilities in real-life contexts.

Choosing the right test depends on whether your objective is to pursue education or employment in your desired country.

What is the format of the IELTS test?

All IELTS tests include four sections: Listening, Reading, and Writing. However, the Speaking test may be scheduled within the week before or after the other sections.

Let us discuss the four sections in more detail.

IELTS Skill Test

Listening: The IELTS listening test assesses a candidate’s ability to comprehend spoken English. The test is divided into four sections, each featuring a different listening task. The entire test lasts for about 30 minutes, including 10 minutes at the end to transfer answers to the answer sheet

During the test, candidates are given four recordings to hear. Each recording is played only once, and the candidate will be given time to read the questions before each section begins

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