GRE Classes In Ahmedabad

GRE Classes in Ahmedabad

ICEI, Indian Computer Education Institute offers world-class computer training and certified courses for people from all backgrounds. Students who want to secure a job in the private or government sector can take classes from our institute. We are on a mission to help train candidates with computer literacy and get the desired job.

What is a GRE General Test?

Out of our list of courses, ICEI offers GRE classes in Ahmedabad. It is a general test that must be taken to gain admission to several graduate programs in many fields. GRE General Test assesses the technical and practical knowledge of an individual. The exam is conducted for 3 hours and 45 minutes, with a 10-minute break. It is divided into 3 scoring sections including analytical writing, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning. The time given to write answers in the analytical writing section is 60 minutes while the quantitative and verbal reasoning section has to be finished in the last 60 minutes respectively.

How to prepare for GRE & where to find GRE classes in Ahmedabad ?

Success in the GRE General Test depends on the ability to prioritize the information given to you and how you solve the problems efficiently. Here are a few preparation tips to optimize your preparation for the GRE test:

Analyze your baseline

Once you appear for a mock test, you can determine your baseline score. Before you make a study plan, ensure to appear for a full-length GRE practice test. This will help you guide your preparation by showing you which areas need improvement for best results.

Determine your target GRE scores

Compare your practice test score against the average GRE score for better understanding. Having a target score will allow you to put yourself above average and help you get admission to your dream college.

Continue practicing for better technique

Focus on the approach you take while taking practice tests. It will help you understand your technique and whether you need to improve it before appearing for the GR General Test.

Take real tests

Appear for computer-based tests to understand the practice concepts and test-taking strategies. It will not only improve your performance but help you prepare for the test in the best way.

Review your score

Always make sure to review your performance after taking the GRE practice exam. It will help you answer questions like what kind of questions do you miss? What type of question requires more time? Where am I lagging? This will partly help you master the preparation and meet your target score.

Read non-fiction to build up your vocabulary

Having a great vocabulary is important for the test. You can read academic journals, newspapers and magazines to improve your vocabulary skills.

Practice with and without a calculator

The GRE General Test allows you to use a calculator as a part of the test. Make it a practice to figure out which questions need the use of a calculator for better understanding. This will help you in learning the rules of a key math concept.

For effective GRE General Test preparation, set up strict study habits and retrospect yourself. By finding a dedicated space for studying and preparing, you can focus in a better way. This way you will be able to invest your full effort into achieving the best results.

Why ICEI For GRE classes in Ahmedabad ?

If you are looking for GRE coaching classes in Ahmedabad, ICEI is the best institute to enroll with. Our experienced teachers and professionals make sure to provide the best knowledge, skills and experience to our students.

ICEI is regarded as the best GRE Coaching in Ahmedabad. Contact us for further assistance.

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