Benefits of Studying Web Designing Course

Web Developer – The Pillar of Every Website

Before applying or joining any course, it is natural for each student to assess whether studying this program will be beneficial for them 5 years from now or not. Considering this perspective, have you added learning web development to your goals list?

For decades technology has become an indispensable part of our lives. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that our dependence on technology will only boom in the coming years. Whether it is launching new websites or mobile applications, inventing AI tools, or adapting augmented and virtual reality to enhance the customer experience – digitalization is here to stay! But have you noticed whether you launch a new business, write a blog or promote particular services, for everything you require, a website? Websites offer a medium or a platform to connect with your target audience, convey your messages and effectively elucidate your business’s products and services through written and graphic content. Therefore, the demand for websites will surge as many companies in India are yet to explore the opportunities the digital sphere holds for them.

But if websites are so crucial for any business to thrive, knowing how they are made is essential. The end result is what one sees in front of desktops and mobile screens. Meaning a lot of thought, effort, and technological knowledge and application goes behind building, designing, and efficiently running a website. Behind every website lies a Web Developer who shoulders all these responsibilities. A web developer is the backbone of websites. It lays the foundation for a business to run smoothly on the internet.

So if you are wondering if joining web development classes in 2023 would be helpful? Let us tell you; it is a definite Yes! Web development is a lucrative course and will be in demand in the coming years. In order to become a professional web developer and grasp quality web developer skills, you first need training and understand what web development is. 

What is Web Development?


Web development is the process of building a website from scratch. It involves stages of planning, creation, designing, and managing a website that resonates with one’s business audience. Although it sounds easy, many technicalities are involved, such as writing programs, coding, building web pages, ensuring there are no glitches, and placing quality graphics that are not pixelated but are of high resolution. It must run fast without much loading time. Overall, a web developer has to manage the backend reigns of a website and ensure it looks exceptional, unique, responsive, user-friendly, and operates smoothly.

Well, if you are wondering how to become an expert web developer, then looking for random tips on web development on Google and YouTube will not help you in the long run. You require full-fledged and best web development training at ICEI – The professional and leading computer coaching center in Ahmedabad.


Advantages of Learning Web Development


Let’s discuss the importance of web development and how you can benefit from it.

1. Versatile: A web development course is divided into categories. These are:

•    Front-end Developers: These developers are those who manage the design and layout of a website. They determine the website theme and colors and ensure the website looks appealing.

•    Back-end Developers: Back-end developers are more focused on building the structure of a website through coding and programming. They ensure that the website’s pages load properly.

•    Full-stack Developer: A full-stack developer is a professional who is experienced and skilled in working on both the front and the back end of a website.

2. Creative Career Option: As a web developer, you will surely enjoy working in this field as you get to explore and bring your creative skills to use. Each website will demand a unique interface; thus, you can play around with themes, layouts, and colors and present a novel and intriguing website to your customers. Trying and inventing new structures will also keep you hooked.

3. Direct Client Communication: Many work profiles involve intermediaries in between. Instead of receiving work from superiors, as a web developer, you can connect with your clients directly, understand their requirements and suggest ideas.

4. Freelance Opportunities: As an expert web developer, you will receive endless freelance and remote opportunities. You can work in your space and as per your own schedule.

5.  High-End Salary: Web developers will always be in demand. Many digital marketing agencies are always on the lookout to hire the best web developers for their clients and are ready to pay for the best packages. Therefore, if you are considering a full-time web developer job, you can receive the best salary per industry rate.

How ICEI’s Web Development Classes in Ahmedabad Can Help Skyrocket Your Career?


1.      Basics of C & C++
2.      SQL and SDLC
3.      HTML 4 & HTML 5
4.      CSS 3
5.      Java Script
6.      Core PHP
7.      Advance PHP
8.      JQuery
9.       AJAX
10.     JSON
11.     OOPS and MVC
12.     Framework (Laravel / Code Igniter)

 Become a Web Developer with ICEI

Web Development is in demand today and in the near future. Even if there are new technological advancements, you will be able to adapt to them easily by learning web development. Whether you are a novice or an expert, polish your web developer skills with us!

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